Spending Review 2021 submission

Transport East has made a submission into government’s Spending Review 2021. In it we set out how we can work with government over the next three years to deliver regional and national priorities.  With the right investment we can help the regional economy recover, while boosting efforts to meet net zero transport.

The Spending Review 2021 sets government’s spending until 2024/25 including investment in new transport projects and funding for local authorities.

The submission identifies three areas where we can improve the East’s transport infrastructure:

  • Pushing forward the live investment programme to get planned projects built faster
  • Progressing a clean, green, connected, safe and inclusive transport network by speeding the development of a new generation of projects
  • Expanding our own capacity and making best use of our knowledge, so transport decisions and policies work for the region

We also asked for more funding certainty for our local authorities, to help them plan and deliver better value transport.

As a partnership body, we are currently supported by a small team of officers. Over the next three years we plan to grow into a more valuable resource for the region. We will focus on making the case for new projects with better data and evidence, prioritising investment and coordinating across regional boundaries.

We will also continue to work closely with National Rail and National Highways to make sure their investment programmes reflect the region’s priorities.