Business Plan sees increased funding and growing confidence

We can push on with plans to create better and more sustainable transport for the region, after securing over £500,000 from the Department of Transport. These funds allow us to complete our ambitious Transport Strategy and clearly communicate the region’s investment needs. Our programme for this year is set out in our Business Plan.

Planned activity includes:

  • Completing our Transport Strategy including seeking feedback through a public consultation
  • An Integrated Sustainability Assessment to check our strategy balances environmental, social and economic issues, now and for future generations
  • Updating our Investment and Delivery Plan setting out our transport priorities
  • A plan to decarbonise our transport networks as quickly as possible, following on from our Decarbonisation Report
  • Expanding our role as lead Sub-national Transport Body for rural mobility


The Business Plan builds on strong foundations

Last year saw great progress on developing the Transport Strategy. Through detailed studies we now have a robust technical evidence base. Alongside this, we led a wide-ranging engagement programme. Hundreds of conversations with organisations across the region helped us understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the East. Which means our emerging strategy reflects the ambitions of our partners and aligns with their priorities.

We published our Investment and Delivery Plan in November 2020. This document brought together the existing priorities of the region to build the case for increased investment. This year we will review and update this document to capture current and new priorities across our four core areas:

  • Rapidly decarbonising our transport networks
  • Better connecting our growing towns and cities
  • Improving access in our rural and coastal areas, and
  • Unlocking our international gateways


We welcome conversations with anyone working in these areas across the region. Please use our contact form to get in touch.