Transport summit drives forward vehicle for change

Plans to drive forward a collective vision for future of transport infrastructure for the East stepped up a gear at an important summit to discuss the vehicle for change.

In March this year, Transport East was launched as the Sub-National Transport Forum for Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Southend-on-Sea.  The unique partnership was formed to transform the East’s transport infrastructure to drive forward a future of inclusive and sustainable growth for decades to come.

Vital to the delivery of this ambition is the development and implementation of a long-term transport strategy for the East which will look to secure essential investment in future infrastructure.

The Summit – held on December 17th at 10am at Trinity Park, Ipswich – set in motion the first stage of the development of the Transport East Strategy, bringing together partners to highlight transport priorities and find innovative ways of building a truly resilient and modern transport system that will enhance the East’s success.

Collaboration, communication and tenacity to drive forward improved infrastructure were just some of the key take-home thoughts from the summit.

Cllr Kevin Bentley, Chairman of Transport East said:

“Our economy plays a vitally important role in the overall success of UK PLC. We are a global gateway, connecting our nation to world markets. Our area is home to some of the fastest growing places in the UK, as well as having strong and interdependent links to the important UK economies of London, the Midlands and Cambridge. We have internationally important strengths in manufacturing, ICT, agri-tech and biosciences, and financial industries. Our tremendous coastline, covering almost 500 miles, is not only home to international ports and a leading centre of UK all-energy production, but is an important magnet of our visitor economy.

“Our contribution to the national economy depends on our ability to maintain and grow our productivity, profitability and employment. Over the next 30 years, we want to transform road, rail, sea and air, and new technologies, to help drive long term economic growth and prosperity.

“Transport East represents a unique opportunity for us to speak with a strong, unified voice on the transport infrastructure improvements needed to transform the economy of our area.  This collaboration is essential if we are to create a truly joined-up transport network and secure vital investment.”

The Summit Report can be downloaded here.