Statement on Ely and Haughley rail junction funding

Today the Government has confirmed funding for upgrades to Ely and Haughley rail junctions. Below is a joint statement from Transport East and England’s Economic Heartland.

“This has been a longstanding top priority for both England’s Economic Heartland and Transport East, and the collective voice of our partnerships has been the reason why the Government has prioritised  investment in Ely and Haughley rail junctions over so many other investment needs.

As our Keeping Trade on Track brochure demonstrates there is unprecedented support from businesses, local authorities, and the rail industry right across the country for investment in this crucial corridor.

Investment in Ely & Haughley Junctions will change the lives of so many people and businesses. It will reduce congestion, boost trade, level up communities right across the UK, increase passenger services and cut carbon emissions.

We look forward to working with government to bring this forward as rapidly as possible.”