Report highlights the reasons to improve rail infrastructure at Ely Junction

Transport East and England’s Economic Heartland have produced a report outlining eight major benefits of improving rail capacity around Ely Junction. The report is available here. 

The report demonstrates the huge regional and national economic benefits of the project. Removing constraints around Ely means removing barriers to Britain’s trade with the rest of the world and would allow better connections for freight between the East of England’s ports and the rest of the UK. 

An upgrade to rail capacity would also support net zero ambitions. Nationally transport is the single biggest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions and HGVs are responsible for 19% of these emissions. The Ely scheme will reduce carbon emissions by 1.7m tonnes over 60 years, helping to meet the net zero target. It would also remove 98,000 HGVs from roads, improving air quality and journey reliability. 

Improving the rail network at Ely also supports an increase in passenger services. This would particularly improve the infrequent services between Ipswich and Peterborough, as well as Norwich services to the west and the route between Cambridge and King’s Lynn.  

The project has a high business case, as it would unlock economic opportunities for communities across the East and level up regions across the Midlands and the North.