Report demonstrates the progress to support and enable active travel across the East

Woman riding a bike in a town

Transport East has worked with Sustrans – the UK’s walking, wheeling and cycling charity – to understand the progress of the region’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIP) and the work that has been delivered since the initial active travel report we published in 2020.

The report provides an overview of activity across the region, including a breakdown for each Local Transport Authority (LTA) of the £42.8m funding secured to deliver their active travel schemes. Also included are the Active Travel England rankings on the capability for each LTA to deliver its LCWIP in 2024. The progress report also outlines the number of LCWIPs that have been created or are in development across the region.

The report outlines that Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk are making positive steps to have a clear plan for their active travel ambitions, with ongoing work to establish an emerging network across their urban areas. It also showcases a range of active travel projects from the region that are producing positive results within their communities.

Within the report we have asked officers to share with us the opportunities and challenges that impact the delivery of LCWIPs. Transport East will continue to develop and recommend solutions to the East’s LTAs to help overcome challenges in urban areas. Within rural communities, our Rural Mobility Centre of Excellence will continue to develop solutions with partners which enable more active travel journeys in these areas.

The full report is available here, and includes the 2024 progress, the challenges and opportunities outlined in 2020 and our long-term vision for walking, cycling and wheeling in the East.

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