Regional transport strategy to be given ‘regard’ by Department for Transport

Transport East Strategy 2023-2050

The Department for Transport has written to Transport East to confirm government will now give ‘regard’ to the our Transport Strategy.

This major milestone means the government will need to consider the priorities within the Transport Strategy when developing new policies for the region. The letter recognises that the strategy sets out a useful framework for how Transport East can work together with Government. This acceptance by government puts the region on a par with others such as the North and Midlands in the status of their regional transport plans.

The Strategy has also been endorsed by all the region’s Local Transport Authorities.

The Transport Strategy sets four strategic priorities for transport in the East:

  • Decarbonising transport to net-zero by 2040
  • Enhancing connections between our rapidly growing towns and cities
  • Energising our rural and coastal communities
  • Unlocking our international gateways

Transport East is already supporting the region on the path to better transport connections, through work on rail, electric vehicles, a Rural Mobility Centre of Excellence and better data and analysis.

The good news was discussed at the Transport East Forum at their meeting in Great Yarmouth on 21 June, where members also witnessed the fantastic progress being made on construction of the new Herring Bridge. Find out more about the visit here.

Cllr Kevin Bentley, Chair of Transport East said,

“The recognition of the Department of Transport of our regional Transport Strategy is a huge milestone. The ambitious strategy sets the direction of transport for the region for the next 30 years. We want to see a thriving Eastern region with safe, efficient and net-zero transport advancing a future of inclusive and sustainable growth.

With the strategy now supported at both a local and national level, we have a strong base for making the case for investment in our transport networks. Authorities across the East will continue to work together to improve our transport networks for people, businesses and places.”

This milestone closes out our work on the Transport Strategy. The Strategic Investment Programme, which sets out the pipeline of investment needed in the region to meet the Strategy, was developed alongside and will be reviewed regularly. Both of these documents were consulted on in winter 2021-22 and have subsequently been amended in light of the feedback received during the consultation.

For more information on the changes see our consultation page.