Our annual report and business plan demonstrate the value we bring to deliver better transport for the region

Our Annual Report for 2022-23 and Business Plan for 2023-24 are now available:

Our annual report demonstrates our valuable contributions to enable a thriving Eastern region with safe, efficient and net-zero transport networks.

A major milestone was the finalising of our regional Transport Strategy which sets the direction for transport in the East to 2050. The strategy was given ‘regard’ from the Secretary of State for Transport, meaning Government will now need to take our Transport Strategy priorities into account when developing policies across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

Additional highlights from last year include:

  • How we have strengthened our formal advisory role to the Secretary of State for Transport, deepened relationships with Ministers and expanded our relationships with regional parliamentarians, becoming transport advisers to the East of England All Party Parliamentary Group. 
  • Our work to enhance the capacity and capability of our local authority partners with new data and evidence, and our role in raising the profile and understanding of rural transport needs through our Centre of Excellence for Rural Mobility 
  • How we have increased our influence with National Highways and Network Rail through formal joint engagement protocols.  
  • Our work in leading the liaison with the DfT on joint STB workstreams, improving the structure and governance, increasing transparency, trust and collaboration.
  • Working with partners, we have been advocating for longer term and more integrated funding streams for local authorities to deliver transport investment against priority outcomes.

The business plan details our work programme required between April 2023 and March 2024 and how Transport East will deliver our four strategic priorities. These are: achieving net-zero transport by 2040, connecting growing towns and cities, energising coastal and rural communities, and unlocking global gateways.

This year Transport East has been, and will continue to:

  • Develop our role as a regional centre of excellence by providing technical knowledge and digital tools, including our role as the Rural Mobility Centre of Excellence
  • Investigate alternative transport solutions for better regional connectivity.
  • Implement quicker and easier processes to develop, fund and secure approval for the region’s transport priorities.
  • Advocate with partners and national bodies by being the ‘single voice’ for transport in the region, using evidenced-based advocacy on transport issues.

Andrew Summers, Chief Executive of Transport East, said;

“The successes of the past year highlight the importance of Transport East’s position to accelerate the provision of greener and well-connected transport options across the region. This is supported with ‘regard’ being granted to our Transport Strategy from the Department for Transport, who must now consider our priorities when making transport decisions impacting the East.”

“Building on this, we will continue encouraging the region’s transport bodies to decarbonise transport, connect growing towns and cities, energise rural and coastal areas and enhance the region’s role as a global gateway to the UK.”

“Local transport partners have also continued to back our strategy, and an expansion of the team’s technical and communications capabilities allow us to deliver a business plan that will encourage a thriving economy and well-connected region”.