Investing in our Transport Infrastructure

Transport East was established in 2018 as the emergent Sub-national Transport Body (STB) covering Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Southend-on-Sea; home to some of the fastest growing places in the UK and a gateway connecting the UK to world markets. With an economy worth £71bn, the east plays an important role in the overall success of UK.
Transport East offers an opportunity to deliver the long-term, strategic vision for transport infrastructure for the area; bringing together key partners, to make a strong case for investment to ensure that our transport network is fit for the future and enables the delivery of three aims:
  • Global Gateways. Better connected ports and airports to help UK businesses thrive and boost the nation’s economy through greater access to international markets and facilitates Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
  • Multi-Centred Connectivity. Enhanced links between our fastest growing places and business clusters; enabling the area to function as a coherent economy and improving productivity.
  • Energised Coastal Communities. A reinvented, sustainable coast for the 21st century which delivers on our ambition to become the UK’s foremost all-energy coast, as well as a competitive visitor offer.
Transport East submitted its Regional Evidence Base together with a list of priority road schemes to Government at the end of July 2019. The key messages from the Regional Evidence Base, based on these three key aims, will be presented at the Transport East Partnership Summit on 11 December 2019.

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