A transition to cleaner fuels will result in improved air quality and health benefits

Investments in cleaner alternative fuels will become necessary for sustainable transport

The East is seen as the UK’s leading clean energy region but is also one of the highest emitting carbon regions. We have a unique opportunity to lead by example by using our own clean energy production to power our future transport.

Our strategy highlights the benefits of fuels such as hydrogen.  This could be a good solution for fleet transportation and larger vehicles such as buses and agricultural vehicles. There is also potential to incorporate hydrogen based vehicles for long distance services in rural areas and within rail.

We will push for the switch to alternative fuels by:

  • Supporting local authorities and businesses to accelerate plans to clean their vehicle fleets.
  • Boosting a ‘greening’ of our region’s bus fleets to zero emissions with support from Bus Enhanced Partnerships, Bus Service Improvement Plans and Local Transport Plans.
  • Working with other sub-national transport bodies and partners to map and understand demand for future pan-regional alternative fuel infrastructure.
  • Working with local authorities to support the transition of taxis and private hire vehicles in the region to zero emission technology.
  • Advocating for electrifying rail lines and encouraging the trialling of hydrogen trains.
  • Supporting The use of hydrogen for freight and port activities is also vital.